Heidelberger’s 7 herbs

We want you to feel good and keep feeling good. With our centuries-old herbal recipe, we reintroduce bitters to our taste buds. Good, better, bitter! With our passion for herbs, we have selected the best one and have them grown by the best (organic) growers. Quality and taste are the key words. Heidelberger’s 7 Kräuter Stern is available in both standard and organic quality. Regardless of whether you are at work, on holiday, simply having a break or doing something completely different, Heidelberger’s will get your day off to an even better start. Bitter makes you fitter!

Charlotte Karlinder:

“Heidelberger’s 7 Herbes ‘boost’ the stuff change and stop hunger pangs”

Charlotte Karlinder is a German TV presenter and medical journalist. She supplements her 2016 morning paper with her short column “Healthier with Karlinder”.

Good, better, bitter

The basics of bitter substances

Bitter substances are all chemical compounds that cause a bitter taste. The bitter taste in plants serves to protect them from pests and to keep herbivores at bay.

Why we very much need bitter substances

In the past you used to have a lot more bitter flavours. Do you like grapefruit or chicory? Do you like a slightly bitter taste? If you do, you are in luck, because you are probably living a healthier life. Nowadays, the majority of people tend to prefer sweet, salty or umami (very spicy and savoury) flavours. 

The 7 herbs

The 7 Herbs heritage of Bertrand Heidelberger

The history of herbs is probably as old as the history of mankind. For most of the history of mankind, our ancestors had no medicines other than plants. Because they could not explain the cycle of nature in any other way, people attributed supernatural powers to plants and saw spirits and gods in them. Plants were not just food or medicines. Healers used plant poisons to intoxicate themselves during their rituals, in the hope of gaining knowledge through trance and hallucination.

Production process

Production process

Are you looking
for the highest,
the biggest?
Plants can
teach you!

Friedrich Schiller


Bertrand Heidelberger left us the recipe for his 7 Kräuter Melange. This blend is becoming increasingly popular as our food contains hardly any bitter substances nowadays.


The best from nature. European grown ingredients of the best quality. As standard and 100% ORGANIC.


Heidelberger’s 7 Kräuter Stern is a positive health supplement for everyone.


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